What is an SEO content writing service? And how does it all work?

You may have heard of SEO.

You may have even heard of content writing.

But how did these two things get mixed up, and what is it?

In this article, I’ll explain exactly what an SEO content writing service is. And, more importantly, how SEO content writing can be a game changer for your business.

SEO Content Writing Service

First of all, what is an SEO content writing service?

An SEO writing services creates content for your website that will help you rank in the search engine results pages (SERP).

The company or freelancer offering this service usually creates content in the form of blog articles.

Some companies may also create guest articles added to other websites (not just the client’s). The goal is to increase the number of backlinks to your website, increasing your authority in the eyes of Google.

What does an SEO content writing service include?

An SEO content creation writer must be able to produce compelling content written in your tone of voice, style, and writing quality, thus achieving content optimization.

The content must be highly engaging and move the reader to action. This is the same for all content writers, whether they specialize in SEO copywriting.

So what is the difference between an SEO content writer and a copywriter?

The main difference lies in the additional “stuff” that is included in the SEO writing services and the overall purpose of the content.

A dedicated SEO content writer must have a deep understanding of SEO. They must know how to optimize your content for your chosen keywords and phrases (without sounding like a repetitive mess!).

They should know how to rank you in Google and advise you on the best ways.

What is the goal of SEO content writing?

Like content writers, SEO writers must create compelling and engaging content that users will love to read.

If you use an SEO article-writing service, you should expect the overall goal of the content to focus on website traffic and search engine rankings.

A good SEO content marketing service should:

  • Increase your search rankings for a variety of keywords.
  • Increase your website traffic
  • Increase your backlinks from high-authority websites.

As noted in the Search Engine Journal, the main problem with SEO content writing agency is that they often focus too much on rankings but need to know how to convert that traffic into customers.

Are you considering hiring a company or freelancer to help you with SEO content writing? Look for a company that can create compelling copy that converts and helps you rank in the search engines.

What are some of the critical elements that an SEO content writing service could include?

Copywriting is only one part of what makes a blog successful and well-ranked. In reality, there is much more that goes on behind the scenes.

Some SEO content writing services will include:

Keyword Research

SEO content marketing services can also include keyword research.

Keyword research is discovering what topics and specific keywords and phrases people are searching for around your products and services.

It’s simple. If someone does this on your behalf, they will identify topics that they can realistically rank for and get a good number of searches each month. If they offer this as part of the SEO content strategy, they will go ahead and write content based on this research.

Content Strategy

SEO content writing services focus primarily on getting more traffic to your content through search engine rankings.

But good SEO content writing services should also focus on the buyer’s journey. It’s not just about getting people in the door (or finding you from Google); you also want to convert people.

That’s why some SEO content marketing strategy also offer a content strategy as part of the service. They will help you create a strategy that guides people through the entire customer journey, from finding you to buying from you. This means they can create content not designed to get website traffic but to convert people into paying customers.

On-page optimization

Some SEO content writing services include on-page optimization as part of the service. This means they will upload your content for you and ensure it is optimized and formatted correctly for SEO. For example, they will optimize your URL, title tag, images, and meta description and select your categories and tags.

This will increase your chances of appearing in search results. Optimizing your content for your keywords is only part of what will help you rank. There is also a lot of work to be done on your website.

Measuring success

Some companies will track your search engine rankings as they continue to create content for you. They will also track the number of backlinks to your website, website traffic, and leads coming through the site.

This is useful, as you can see what is working and not working so well and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Image creation

Several copywriters or SEO companies even create custom images and optimize them for search engines. Some also use stock image websites and claim they are for search engine optimization.

Who offers SEO content writing as a service?

A few types of freelancers or companies offer SEO content writing as a service. And they all differ slightly in price, process, and approach.

1. SEO Content Writers

These are typically freelance writers who have knowledge and experience in SEO. They can write blog articles and optimize them for search engines.

Some will offer keyword research as part of their service, which means they will research the topics, keywords, and phrases your audience is searching for.

Others won’t offer keyword research. They will ask you what keywords or phrases you’d like to rank for or what you think people are searching for. They’ll then optimize your blog post for these keywords and phrases.

Many don’t upload content to your website and optimize your SEO settings. They will leave that part to you. But some will write things like the meta description for you, going you to add that to your website.

Some may upload the content to your website if it’s a platform (or content management system) they are already familiar with. There are a lot of different website platforms, and writers tend not to know of them all (nor should they need to!)

A quick overview of SEO Content Writers and what they do

Generally, this is what SEO content writers do and specialize in

  • They are professional writers, often with experience in writing for business
  • They know SEO
  • They can optimize your content for keywords and phrases
  • Some will offer keyword research as part of the service
  • Often they don’t upload your content to your website
  • Often they don’t create imagery

How much does it cost to hire an SEO content writer?

SEO content writers typically charge between $275 and $1100 per blog post – I know these are very different amounts!

I also understand that this may seem expensive. But remember that writing and SEO are highly skilled jobs, and the SEO content writer will likely have a lot of experience and expertise. Plus, it will take them time to research and write each article. Hence the price.

2. SEO Agencies

Many SEO agencies offer content writing as part of the service. This is often part of a broader service where they’ll also provide things like keyword research, an SEO audit, technical SEO, improving your website’s performance, and increasing backlinks to your website.

Some agencies will outsource their clients’ content writing, as writing isn’t their specialty. Some will have in-house writers.

SEO agencies are highly focused on getting traffic to your website, and as many are not expert ‘writers,’ you may find they place less emphasis on your brand voice and style. The content is merely a means to an end, and that end is website traffic.

They will usually upload your content to your website and optimize it for search engines, but they may need to gain the skills required to create fancy graphics.

A quick overview of SEO Agencies and what they do

  • They are experts in SEO and focus on all aspects of SEO (such as technical SEO or increasing backlinks)
  • They may outsource content writing or have writers in-house
  • They can optimize your content for keywords and phrases
  • They will offer keyword research
  • They will upload and optimize your content
  • Often they don’t create imagery

How much does it cost to hire an SEO agency for this service?

They are usually more expensive than SEO content writers. Many SEO agencies have six-month contracts, and prices range from $1100 to over $11,000 per month (if they are a decent enough agency). And the more content they create, the more expensive it will be.

Remember that it’s not just for creating content but for a complete SEO service.

3. Blog Management Agencies

This is where we sit.

Blog management agencies are less well-known than content writers or SEO agencies but do similar things.

A blog management agency does exactly what it says; they manage every aspect of your blog. That includes keyword stuffing research, effective content marketing strategies, and creating imagery.

If they focus on SEO (like we do), they should hit the balance between creating compelling content and ranking on search engines.

Some of them will also be able to advise if there’s anything technically on your website that will hinder your rankings (like us!)

They may also write guest blog posts for you to build your backlinks to your website, building your authority with Google.

A quick overview of Blog Management Agencies and what they do

  • They are expert writers who can write in your voice and style.
  • They understand the content strategy and should create content that helps people go through the entire buyer’s journey – from finding you to buying from you.
  • They should do keyword research for you.
  • They will upload your content to your website and optimize it for you.
  • They are knowledgeable in SEO
  • Some (like us) should be able to create custom graphics for your blog posts.
  • Many don’t understand technical SEO (such as website speed, mobile-friendliness, broken links, etc.), so they can’t advise.

How much does it cost to hire a blog management agency?

There are few blog management agencies, and the ones that do offer this service only give a price if you call them.

But a blog management agency is usually between an SEO content writer and an SEO agency.

It’s usually a minimum of $1600 per month for the blog management service.

Is an SEO Content Writing Services suitable for you?

Whether you choose an SEO content writer, SEO agency, or blog management agency, SEO content writing can have HUGE benefits for your business.

Not only can you use that content to rank in search engines and deliver traffic to your website, but you can also repurpose it on your social media channels.

It’s an investment, but you’ll undoubtedly see a good return on investment for many businesses.